How could someone get peritonitis from an ovarian cyst rupture?

Yes. It would be uncommon but possible to get peritonitis from ovarian cyst rupture. This is particularly when there is significant amount of internal bleeding which may irritate the peritoneum.
Any irritation . Of the peritoneal lining of the abdominal cavity is peritonitis. An ovarian cyst can bleed when it ruptures, and blood can cause a local peritonitis. But this is way different from bacterial peritonitis, which is what results from perforated GI organ, like appendix. These are much worse, and can actually be fatal. So seriousness depends on the source and type of peritonitis.

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Peritonitis from an ovarian cyst rupture. What should I do?

Check with your OBGY. Peritonitis , may be the result of leaked ovarian cystic fluid. Typically the peritonitis is localized to the immediate area of ovaries and fallopian tubes. If the cyst is small most likely need minor treatment and observation( advil), if it is big you have to be careful .Follow doctor instruction. Read more...

Ovarian cysts ruptured 2 wk ago. Severe abdominal pain &distended abdomen, fever, sweating, nausea, free fluid in abdomen, can't pass bm. Peritonitis?

Free blood. When ovarian cysts rupture spontaneously the process is associated with release of free blood in the peritoneal cavity. This produces pain on abdominal and pelvic exam related to amt. of blood released. Peritonitis is usually not present and can be checked by blood count and exam indicating rebound tenderness associated with peritonitis. Read more...

Can ovarian cyst ruptures cause people to get peritonitis?

Yes. If the ruptured ovarian cyst contains blood or infected fluid it can cause irritation of the lining of your abdominal cavity and lead to peritonitis. Read more...