I've recently begun treatment for hypothyroidism. I was wondering if there were any foods or exercises or exercises, etc I could do as well? Thank you

No specifics . There are no specific diet or exercise necessary for ppl with hypothyroidism, but if you were hypothyroid for a long time before your diagnosis and treatment, perhaps you have gained some weight and maybe cholesterol is higher than optimal? If so, eat balanced diet to maintain bmi 20-25, reduce bad fats, choose good oils, minimize alcohol, and if overweight, consider screening for diabetes.
Thyroid hormone. The cause of hypothyroidism is the lack of thyroid hormone in the blood, and to restore that, you will need to take a thyroid hormone replacement, and that is usually the treatment of hypothyroidism; to ensure consistent absorption of the thyroid hormone you are taking, you need to take it on an empty stomach in the morning, avoid food for 30-60 min, and space it from minerals & vitamins by 4 hrs.