Is it safe to take Alive once daily Men’s 50 plus multivitamins under 50 years old? I am 38 years old.

Yes. Some of the levels of vitamins are a little over the FDA’s recommended daily allowance (RDA), but those levels change over the years, and the amount in this product is safe for any healthy adult man. When they take a list of your medications at the doctor’s office or hospital, be sure to inform them of this product and any over-the-counter drugs you’re taking in addition to prescription drugs.
Aleve? OK to take naproxen with vitamins. Note that normal people eating normal food derive no benefit from vitamin pills. "Mens 50 +" multivitamin is not a magic pill. There is a multi-billion $$ industry promoting unnecessary pills to unnecessary people.
Yes. Alive Men's 50 plus is a perfectly safe multivitamin for men who are 38; it has some ingredients that are esp. beneficial for older men like saw palmetto and gingko but these will not hurt younger men and may have benefits for me of all ages.