Are there medications out there that are non-narcotic and work specifically on the increase of dopamine and endorphin levels?

What Dr Junig said! Wellbutrin (or bupropion) is an excellent medication for folks who have previously struggled with drug addiction. It is not addictive, helps many to avoid use, and does not cause weight gain or sexual side effects. It also helps people quit smoking (and is marketed as zyban). This medication does not control anxiety, however. Increase endorphins by exercising vigorously!
Wellbutrin (bupropion) Bupropion is a Dopamine reuptake blocker. Stimulants release Dopamine and block reuptake, but are controlled substances. There are Dopamine agonists-- bromocriptine for example, or ropinarole; both treat restless legs and parkinsons by increasing dopamine. They do not work in the addictive pathways, though. Alkermes has a pipeline drug for depression that works on opioid receptors..