Whats best problotic pill?

Many. Acidophilus containing supplements are good. For the gut, a product called florastor is frequently used. I recommended also for patients taking antibiotics for more than 7-10 days, particularly IV antibiotics.
You need balance. Acidophilus is good, however you also need bifidobacter and even some sub species of streptococcus. That said, just taking a probiotic is like throwing a handful of grass seed on a weed bed and expecting a lawn. You need to prime the soil with glutamine or msm, kill the weeds (lots of botanicals out there (gse, garlic, fenugreek) and then reseed with good, balanced probiotic.
See full answer. There is no simple answer to this question. It depends on the circumstances for which they're being used. It's likely that you will need different probiotics following gastrointestinal infections, with the use of antibiotics, with irritable bowel, leaky gut or inflammatory bowel, etc. See http://www. Klaire. Com/probiotics_cat. Htm for a list of options. A good basic option is iflora, well balanced.