Is their acure for herpes?

Some hope. I agree with dr. Irizarry's comments with one bit of hope. While there is no promised cure and you are contagious even when there is no outbreak, there was a study showing that daily suppressive therapy for 6 months may provide a "cure". That means that instead of taking antiviral medication only when you have an outbreak, you take a lower dose for 6 mos, then stop, and may not get it again.
Herpes. No cure for herpes. Treat each episode as needed. May take daily medication if: 1) you have more than 10 outbreaks a year, 2) your partner (s) is (are) herpes negative. You can pass/shed herpes even when you don't have outbreak. Incubation period is 2-26 days.
Duke University. Look online. There is some good research going on at duke university looking for a cure.