What do you do know when you have chapped lips?

Grease! Chapped lips occurs with licking lips, being exposed to wind, heat and cold and drying and cracking occurs. Use a form of grease! vaseline, any petrolatum product or oil there are many many products at your local pharmacy or big box store to treat chapped lips with. There is a good joke that goes with chapped lips but i will spare you!
Aquaphor. I recommend aquaphor throughout the day and a good spf on lips when outdoors, my favorite is vanicream spf 30. If the condition is not improved within a month and is more sever on the lower lip, get checked by a dermatologist as you may have actinic cheilitis which is a severe precancerous condition that may need treatment.
Moisture. Chapped lips? Hydrate well- water is best. You can apply lip balms with beeswax base or oil base creams. Remember that lips require solar protection just like your skin – apply & reapply balms or creams with a minimum spf of 15. Going skiing ?- protect from sun & windburn by covering with a scarf or a ski / snowboard face mask with visor. Dry air? - use a humidifier. Try not to lick your lips!