I am experiencing sinus pain. The following also describe me: Difficulty breathing through nose, Post nasal drip, Runny nose, Nasal congestion, Sneezing, and Facial pain or pressure. What should I do?

? rhino-sinusitis. looks like acute inflammation of your nasal cavity and your sinuses, you may need prescription medications, probably antibiotics, see your doctor, meanwhile, saline nasal washes and pain killers would help, best wishes.
See ENT . You need to see an Otolaryngologist to evaluate this. One issue that needs clarification is whether the sinus pain is due to a sinus issue or some other factor. The nasal congestion needs further evaluation and the other nasal symptoms may be indicative of allergies or a sinus infection. .
Sinus pain. Use saline nose drops several times daily.Try a nasal decongestant twice daily.A warm shower twice daily may help. Use non-allergenic pillows at night to sleep on. A vaporizer is helpful.If sinus pain persists consult an ENT specialist for the possibility of an antibiotic.