Wake up limping cos literally feel I have something stuck under the ball of my foot, above my foot next to middle toes swollen too, toes included tnk?

Plantar fasciitis? If you wake up in the morning with this pain, and if the pain actually improves as you walk, then plantar fasciitis is a good possibility. These can be due to bone spurs. A Podiatrist may have some treatment options for you. .
You may. have PLANTAR FACIITIS an inflammation of the hard fibrous tissue which protects the feet from the constant trauma of walking/running.

TRY ICE and NSAIDS (eg: Ibuprofen) and ORTHOTIC inserts in your shoes....

A visit to a PODIATRIST (Foot Specialist) may be worthwhile!
Hope this is helpful!
Dr Z.
Planter fasciiitis. Agree with Dr. Giannone. You may visit this site for info and see a doctor or a podiatrist.
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