I am experiencing gum swelling, toothache and bad breath. I have a tooth infection that came up this morning. I do not have dental insurance.?

Try to Get Help Soon. The three symptoms you describe (gum swelling, toothache, and bad breath) are all indicators of significant oral health problems...perhaps serious enough to affect more than one tooth...maybe even your whole mouth. Regardless of who is going to pay for your dental care, you should try to see a dentist before things get so bad they can't be fixed. Search for low-cost clinic or state aid. Get help.
Infection. what you are describing are symptoms of an infection, or multiple concurrent and/or coincidental infections. Antibiotics will limit spread of infection for as long as you take the pills, but will come roaring back when pills discontinued. There's nothing for it, you require immediate care. Please see local Dentist, Dental School, Dental Clinic, as soon as possible. .
Your teeth do. not know if you have dental insurance or not! This is a sign of poor oral health/hygiene/dietary habits. See a dentist or low cost dental clinic asap. Contact the local dental society and ask for a list of resources in your area.