I went through appendectomy 2 weeks ago (laparoscopy). I still have a huge bruise in my belly, have been having severe abdominal pain since 3 days ago. The pain is just like the one before the surgery, first it is sharp and then it became dull. I was?

See surgeon. I'm certain that the surgeon who performed your procedure would want to be informed of these postoperative symptoms. They could signify complications like postoperative leakage of blood or early abscess formation. Get examined.
Here are some... The surest thing to do for this concern is to ask your surgeon. But your described scenario seems suggestive of nothing is serious and resolving. So, you may just watch and see as long as slowly but surely getting better day by day since the pace of wound resolving and healing widely varies among people. Now, time & patience are the best medicine. Of course, it not resoving as described, seek care.