I'm suffering from hypotension and would like to know what can I use to boost my low blood pressure.? I was using Akrinor before & now rely on more water & salt but they don't help that much.

Hawthorne,licorice & Salt only raises BP significantly in a minority of people!
Licorice root often raises BP. Hawthorne berries can raise it for those with low BP.
Hypotension can be caused by low adrenal function so adrenal support herbs like ashwagandha and rhodiola may help. For other ideas see http://healthy-ojas.com/lowbp/hypotension-natural-herbal.html.
Not a diagnosis. "Hypotension" is not a diagnosis. If BP drops because of illness, then treatment is aimed at that diagnosis. You mention no symptoms. Many people, especially women, are told they have "hypotension" by primitive Drs who fail to recognize a normal BP. Unless there is shock.......fainting, sweating, etc.......we never treat "hypotension". We treat any treatable diseases that can be identified.Taking.