Why do I always feel hot?

..Many etiologies... 47 y/o male asks Why do I always feel hot? if he were a woman one could easily say Menopausal Syndrome; but as a man if feeling hot is new phenomenon to him, it could be due simply to the Environmental conditions like un-ventilated room/place of work, Exercise/high Activity. But Infection of many etiologies can cause low grade fever making one feel hot/ uncomfortable. If symptoms persist, see M.D.
Unclear. If you feel "hot" during the day despite an accurate temperature in your environment it could be due to a number of things. I presume you are stating your body feels "hot" which could be due to Hyperthyroidism to flushing to anxiety. I would recommend you be seen and evaluated for a possible endocrine or other pathologic disorder.
Hot. You may be approaching menopause.
This feeling of hot may be alleviated with hormone replacement therapy.