I have been diagnosis and got fatty liver. My ALT (SGPT) is 92, Lipid & Glucose e okay! Which is quiet high level. What will I do now? Dr prescribed these medicines: Viusid, Epaset, Milk Thistle & Urcodil 300mg. Are these medicine okay?

Get 2nd opinion. Milk thistle won't help. The main support for Viusid is an article from an obscure group in Cuba. Epaset is an irrational mix of nutrients. You need to have hepatitis C and Wilson's ruled out, and hit the gym really hard if you want to save your health. I see you also take hormone therapy of some sort. You need a relationship with an authentic, scientific physician. Your liver wants exercise.
Metformin 2 g/day. Viusid, Epaset, and Milk Thistle are nutritional supplements without strong evidence for benefit. Before going to urcodil, ask your MD whether Metformin 2 g/day would be a good choice for an initial drug treatment.