What is the difference between bruises and blood clots?

Location. Blood clots occurs within blood vessels, when liquid blood solidifies. Outside of blood vessels, thiscollection is called a hematoma. A bruise occrs when capillaries are damaged and blood seeps out, usually after blunt trauma. Less severe than either of the above.
Diff problem. A bruise happens due to bleeding in the tissues under the skin after an injury or trauma- the blood then clots and over time gets removed by the body. On the other hand, a blood clot usually refers to blood clotting inside a vein or an artery which can often then flow to the lung and be dangerous. Blood clots often require blood thinners as treatments for 3-12 months.
Different names. Blood clot and bruises are both referring to the same thing -- we call bruises based on the appearance and it is a blood clot in the superficial tissue under the skin --.
Clot is worse. A bruise occurs when blood leaks out of capillaries into the surrounding tissue. A clot is when blood coagulates within a vein or artery. A clot can cause major disruption to blood flow and can be very dangerous.