Does orthadontic surgery hurt?

Orthognathic surgery. It is an operation to reposition your mid face (maxilla) or your jaw to achieve ideal occlusion and cosmetic result. General anesthesia is required for the surgery and post op pain can be controlled with narcotic pain medication.
It depends. Pain is a difficult thing to predict. The most important question is what kind of orthodontic surgery you are asking about. There are many different kinds, ranging from very comfortable to requiring anesthesia. Secondly, patients have a wide range of pain tolerance. What one person considers very painful is only mildly irritating to another.
Hurt After Surgery. I think it is fair to say that you can expect some discomfort after surgery. Depending upon what type of surgery, the more invasive, the greater likelihood of more discomfort. It seems to me that this question can be better answered by the doctor who will performing the procedure.
Post-surgical. Jaw (Orthognathic) surgery done under general anesthesia, but post-surgically son and swelling consoled with medications. If Orthodontic Secialist determines jaw surgery is necessary you will be referred to highly qualified Oral Surgeon who can eat discuss this issue with you.
No. . Pain is usually not a complaint. Severe swelling controlled by drugs routinely occurs. Some limitation in biting force or chewing limits requires soft diet graduated to normal by about 6-8 weeks can be expected. When case completed you will be much healthier in dental occlusion, airway function and appearance. Be an obedient patient for best results.
Yes at various level. Don't kid yourself-any surgery can hurt after the procedure. Healing can be troublesome.
Yes ....and no. You will not feel a thing during the surgery, you will be asleep. However, like all sugical proceedures, you will be sore for a few days after the operation.
Orthodontic surgery. Typically orthodontic treatment only causes mild discomfort easily controlled for most with ibuprofen. Orthognathic surgery, used in combination with orthodontic treatment is very serious surgery on the bones of the face. It should be used only with the most significant bite problems. Many times your jaw must be wired closed for 6 weeks. It is not easy. Just the facts.