For these past few months ive had no appetite I am not sick but when I force myself to eat I feel nauseous, whats wrong with me?

Gastritis. You taking any meds you may have some gastritis or well when was your last period, check with your primary care doc to evaluate with some labs, exam to determine the cause.
Many viral illnesses. can look like this however I generally believe that after these symptoms last for a month some testing is needed (For example ruling out anemia, chronic infection, underactive thyroid etc )
Make an appointment with your Primary Care Provider!

Hope this is helpful!
Dr Z.
Unclear. You need to have a further evaluation by a physician. Your symptoms could be due to anything from pregnancy to H. Pylori infection to GERD to Gastritis to worse. You need a formal history, physical, and possibly abdominal imaging or endoscopy to evaluate.