How can I tell if my child's rash if from being exposed to poison ivy?

Blisters in patches. Poison ivy is caused by an oily substance that can pass from direct plant contact to your hands or clothes & spred to anything it touches, including baby. Itching may start in hours, but the tiny blisters may take a day to come up. Usually linear streaks occur where a tainted finger scratched by chance.Once the oil is washed away, the rash cannot be passed by contact with the skin.
Poison Ivy. Poison ivy rash- you can tell if you know that your child was playing in it or near it. The rash is usually linear..In a straight line and blistery. It will itch and the scratching can spread the poison ivy oil to other areas. If you are unsure, have your child seen as rashes are hard to diagnose without seeing them.