On protonix for 4 wks now & day I can still feel heartburn at times and ea night def feel it (never in my throat ever just burning sensation in my left side of chest). Fully checked out heart two weeks all ok there. PPI not working? EGD scheduled

Get EGD! Since you are not better after a month of meds, getting an EGD is the best nest step. If you have not been checked for H. pylori, that is worth trying first. Follow all your docs' dietary and lifestyle recommendations now!
Sometimes. the addition of an "H-2" blocker eg: PECID AC 20-40 mgm tablets (Over the counter ZANTAC another example. may help CALM DOWN the effect of the acid while PROTONIX and or other "Proton Pump Inhibitors" take over~

Just a thought!

Dr Z.