I have a sore throat and red bumps in the top of my mouth. I have no stds, I just have never had red bumps before. Whats wrong?

Insufficent informat. It would not be wise to make a diagnosis from the information provided. If the signs and symptoms have persisted more than a couple of days, you should see your doctor.
Infection. This could be either mono or steep throat. You will need to see a physician to see whether antibiotics are needed.

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Red bumps on roof of mouth and sore throat, is this from an sti?

See Doctor. If by sti you mean a sexually transmitted infection like syphilis the answer is yes. However there are other things than can cause red lesions and a sore throat. Consult a dentist and a physician as soon as possible especially if you suspect having a sexally transmitted infection, get tested for HIV infection also. Avoid all sexual contact until ok by doctor. Read more...