Hi, I had a barium swallow x-ray in February, which was normal. Now having some minor issues. Also coughing some blood stained sputum, Is it possible for Esophageal cancer to be advanced now 10 months later. How long does it take to develop. Thanks.

Barium swallow. Barium swallow may miss esophageal cancer. Upper endoscopy is the gold standard for diagnosis. Coughing up blood is not a characteristic symptom of esophageal cancer but an examination of the mouth, posterior nasal area and throat as well as a tracheal,bronchial and lung evaluation if coughing up blood occurs.
Get CXR first. You have to see a primary care physician and get CXR because of cough with bloody sputum. If you have problems with swallowing you have to get upper endoscopy to rule out esophageal cancer or esophagitis.