How would you treat add in conjunction with skittzo effective disorder? And what are the outcomes for sad in long run

Tough One. Most of the treatments for adhd can make symptoms of schizoaffective disorder much worse. Because of this, it's really important to get that under control with antipsychotics and mood stablizers first. In some individuals, this will eliminate the need for adhd treatment. If it doesn't, alternatives to stimulants (especially bupropion-wellbutrin but also atomoxetine - strattera) are good options.
Treat SAD first. Schizoaffective disorder (not seasonal affective disorder, also "sad") is serious but treatable, & affects both mood & thinking. Adhd, the newer name for add, is minor in comparison. I'd treat sad first, usually with atypical neuroleptic & possibly mood stabilizer &/or antidepressant. I wouldn't tackle adhd at all until sad was well controlled. Sad usu. Needs ongoing rx for good functioning.