I started suffering from red blood on my stool coupled with pinkish urine. I drink alcohol but don’t smoke and have a previous history of breast and colon cancer In both of my grandparents. I also have Ehlers Danlos syndrome but don’t suffer with it.

Reasons for MD exam. You have multiple reasons for getting a full exam by a MD to assess the source of the bleeding and determine whether cancer is or is not a part of the reason.
Blood/fecal. Difficult without more history, but blood externally on stool is usually due to small tears in the lining of the colon/rectum and is common with constipation. Breast and colon cancers usually do not produce external blood on the stool, but it would be wise to get a colonoscopy or a FIT test to ease concern. Pinkish urine can come with a urinary tract infection, but not from breast/colon disease.