Virus: I have chicken pox like symptoms but can it cause kidney failure?

Well chicken pox. Affects all organs. I do not know that it might cause renal failure on its own. But say you had borderline function already and then you got the virus. It is possible it would tip you over.... Many cases of renal failure are borderline with some other incidental mild nephrotoxity i would ask a nephrologist.

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Which virus (s) have chicken pox like symptoms but can cause kidney failure?

Viruses and Kidneys. I have spent a great deal of time researching your question. Hepatitis, hiv, hanta, ebstein-barr, west nile, b-k, and herpes varicella zoster viruses can all affect the kidney. The only one that has chickenpox-like symptoms is zoster though many of the others can have rashes but not vesicles like chickenpox. I hope this is helpful. Read more...