My daughter needs to extract her wisdom tooth but it has to be done by a maxilo facial surgeon?

They are the pros. The bulk of the care OMFS do is third molar removal so they are very good at it and can deal with all the unexpected things that can creep up during that type of surgery.
Most GPs do not do this and will refer their patients to the surgeon. There are some that do and are very good at it.
Best option. If your daughter had a compound fracture of her leg you would want it reduced by an specialist Orthopedic Surgeon. Yes, or best quality care see the dental specialist best trained and experienced in treating problematic wisdom teeth, an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.
Not always. Any dentist that has evaluated your daughter's situation & feels confident to extract wisdom teeeth can perform the surgery to extract her 3rd molars.
What's the question? You get the most from this site if you describe a problem and ask a clear related question. You have posted a statement. Adding a question mark does not make your concerns clear. What about wisdom teeth are you asking ? You are welcome to start over. Posts are not linked and go to the site at random.
Maxillofacial surg. Maxillofacial surgeons in urban areas are the ones who do teeth extraction . General dentists tend not to do these although in rural areas they will do this along with general dentistry.