How to get rid of keloid on my chest?

Keloid reduction. Keloids can be a great problem. Best to see a plastic surgeon concerning reducing the size of the keloid.
Keloid Rx. The safest approach is silicone tape/gel (myscaraway, from walgreens/online), steroid/bleomycin injections immunosuppressant/chemotherapyagent) only in pro hands, electron-beam radiotherapy, almost never excision unless radiotherapy can be guaranteed within 24hr after excision. Be very careful or it will be made worse by cutting it! Close follow up for 2yrs+ to monitor for recurrence essential!

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I have a keloid in my upper chest and back shoulder which itches and at times irritate what can I do to get rid of it?

Stepwise to keloids. The approach to keloids is nearly the same no matter where they occur: pressure, silicone sheeting, steroid injections, posssible 5 fu injections, possible intralesional excision, possible radiation therapy as well emerging or investigational immunotherapy treatments.
Improve, yes... But get rid of, no (this applies to all scars.) true keloids can be very difficult to deal with. They are more common in people with darkly pigmented skin and are characterized by scarring that exceeds the boundaries of the original wound. Numerous options exist including pressure, steroid injection, low dose radiation, and others. See a plastic surgeon for an evaluation.

What is the best over the counter medication/product that will get rid of keloids caused by acne on my chest?

No one knows but... I know of no formal research on this so it is impossible to say what is "the best" but there are many home remedies including apple cider vinegar, calendula, tea tree oil, iodine solution and proteolytic enzymes that are reported to help, though none help all the time and some may have side effects. See http://www. Earthclinic. Com/cures/keloid_scar. Html for a detailed discussion of various options.

I have a surgery scar under my left Breast. It has formed due to hyper active skin repairment. Its probably called keloid. How to get rid of this scar?

Scar?? Best to be seen by boarded PS in yin area to be examined to determine the type and nature of the scar you have. Either injection, scar treatment sheeting or creams, re excision with injection of steroid and micro Botox to edges, or radiation therapy are the options...