Is it normal to have brownish discharge and tender breast before my period?

It's common. Not unusual at all to have pre-cycle discharge. Brown just means older blood. As far as breast tenderness, this is common as well. Vitamin e and reducing caffeine will help this.

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Always had green nipple discharge when squeeze. But now with some white&a lot more than usual&breasts sore and bigger and feel full. Normal period 13/06

Stop squeezing! The majority of nipple discharge is benign, meaning not related to cancer, especially if green or milky. Unilateral and spontaneous is more concerning than bilateral or with squeezing. First, get yourself examined by your physician or a breast surgeon. If not suspicious on breast exam and possible imaging and not due to meds, then leave your breasts alone and stop squeezing! It makes it worse! Read more...

7 weeks after medical arbotion, spotting of brown and red discharge for 3 days, sharp arbnomen pain, sore breasts, blurted but still no normal periods?

Get it checked out. It can take 8 weeks for your periods to come back after an abortion. But having sharp pain, bloating and a brown/red discharge could indicate a problem. An ultrasound to make sure there is no retained tissue, an exam to look for an infection and an HCG level and other bloodwork should be done. There are some late complications of an abortion that can be serious so get it checked out. Read more...