I am diabetic & have horrible pain in my right big toe. No swelling but the pain is very severe and keeps me from walking. Itz not gout. Any ideas?

Possibly gout. Severe pain in the big toe (assuming no traumatic causes) always makes us suspicious of gout. Being a diabetic also heightens our concern for a neuropathy. Best to see your family doctor or internist to confirm your diagnosis and to rule out diabetic causes to the pain.
Arthritis. There can be many reasons for pain in a toe ranging from a simple sprain to some form of arthritis other than gout. It could also have something to do with the diabetes and circulatory problems - but this is less likely. Discuss this with your doctor and possible a podiatrist.
Have it evaluated. Symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can range anywhere from a numbness and tingling sensation, possibly a burning sensation, to an uncomfortable painful sensation of the extremities. For some, these symptoms are mild, while for others, they can be severe and disabling. Have you physician examine and test you to determine if you have developed neuropathy so that you may prevent possible complications.