Good day doc I have been in so much pain for the past 2months with my lower back and now it seems to be running down right leg. The pain comes and goes so it's not constant. What could this be and what pain meds can I use?

Sciatica... 24 y/o Female w Low back Pain for 2 months now radiating down R leg coming & going. If One has not had a recent Fall/Injury and One is not inclined to wear very high heeled shoes, One should 1st mind their Sitting Posture as these are commonest causes of LBP in young people. The radiating pain is Sciatica indicating a nerve may be pinched. Best to see M.D for Physical Exam & some Imaging.
Sciatica. . This sounds to me like sciatica. I could be related to the compression of the spinal nerve or impingement within the spinal column. Generally speaking, first steps would be anti-inflammatory medications, such as ibuprofen, combined with physical therapy. Alternately, you can pursue more diagnostic testing such as x-ray of the spine with flexion and extension views to confirm or deny I diagnosis.