I had my thyroid removed 5 months ago. I have ended up with hypocalcemia, and just generally worse off. I am now having terrible body pains, bones and joints. I am almost 25, and feel like 135. I'm taking collagen to help. What advice can you give?

? Parathyroid injury. During thyroidectomy it is possible that your parathyroid gland was damaged . Which may be the cause of your hypocalcaemia and symptoms . Please see Endocrinologist.
Replacement Hormone. See the surgeon again. You should be on replacement Thyroid medication for your loss. The parathyroid glands regulate the calcium in your blood. They also live in the Thyroid Gland. You can replace the Thyroid gland function by taking levothyroxine and a calcium supplement. Blood tests determine the right amounts of these medications.