Been having testicular pain for 2 months now since I moved a table, had hernia repair 8 years ago, was at the urologist yesterday sent me to take septra ds now, I have no infection in urine culture, or no elevated white blood cells, should I take it?

It sounds like. you and your Urologist did not come to the meeting of the minds of mutual understanding! I agree..from your report there doesn't seem to be an indication for the antibiotic but perhaps there is another facet of the case that you failed to understand or the doctor failed to communicate. Contact the doctor, ask for more explanation for antibiotic recommendation. If still unsure, seek 2nd opinion.
FollowDoctor'sAdvice. Continue to take septra and if still painful follow up with your urologist.We can not secong guess your urologist who examined you.
Yes. unless you are allergic to septra. Can be inflammation in other parts of the scrotal sac around the testicle, as the epididymis, which doesn't show on urine or blood testing, wish you well.