I have had horrible pain in my front right abdomen for 3 months on and off. Also blood in stool. I've been checked for alomst everything any ideas?

Checked 4everything? Don't know what you have had done. Right lower quadrant pain can be due to muscular causes, e.g. Hernias, gyn causes, gu causes, e.g. Stones, GI causes including inflammatory bowel disease (crohn's, ulcerative colitis), infection. The latter can also cause blood in stool. You need to see GI doc, ; may include history, physical, labs, colonoscopy, xrays (ct scan, ct enterography-look @ small bowel.
Several-see below. Consider musculoskeletal causes, regional ileitis, ovarian causes (if female), groin hernia, constipation to name a few. See your doctor for a proper evaluation. You will need a colonoscopy if you have not had one.