I woke up this morning and it seems my one wisdom tooth is coming out what do I do?

Examination. Your teething. Can be uncomfortable. As you are 25 and tooth is just now beginning to erupt there has to be reason for the delay (angulation, lack of space, abnormal gum tissue, etc.) See a wisdom tooth expert, an Oral Surgeon, for evaluation and advice. In the meantime take OtC analgesics (as per pkg directions) if needed.
Seek advice. from your dentist if you have any concerns.
Wisdom tooth. See your dentist to determine if there is room for that wisdom tooth to erupt into it's proper position or if it needs to be removed before you have an even bigger problem. That requires a one on one clinical examination and an x-ray or two. Get your other wisdom teeth checked out as well.
Care of Wisdom Teeth. Good day;
Keep the tissue around the third molar as clean as possible by rinsing and massaging the area. As you schedule your next preventive visit with your dentist, he will evaluate all your wisdom teeth and offer choices concerning taking care of them.
Tough to judge. coming out as in: coming into the mouth behind the second molars? Just keep it clean

Coming out as in falling out of your mouth? May want to go see a dentist or oral surgeon. ASAP.
What do you mean? You mean it is loose? This is very odd. The roots of the wisdom teeth are very long and deep. Better see the dentist .