Do scales in the diaper area indicate diaper rash, or another condition?

Rash. Rashes can be from many things in the diaper area. If baby has other scaly patches, he might have eczema/atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. Sensitivities to the diaper occasionally cause irritated areas. Typical diaper rash from being in stool too long is usually more red, not as scaly. If unsure of the cause/treatment, see your doctor. Rashes cannot be diagnosed on the phone.
Could be infection. Often time scales in this area could mean a fungal infection. There are prescription creams available from your pediatrician to treat this. You can try a barrier cream first- like aquaphor or desitin (zinc oxide diaper cream) and see if your baby's skin improves.

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My 19 months has had small red bumps in his diaper area for almost a week, and not improved with diaper rash cream. Now he has the same on his stomach?

May be yeast/candida. A trial of antifungal cream like lotrimin af cream otc (aka 1% clotrimazole) can be used to eliminate this rash. Apply twice daily and you should see improvements over the next week. Airing the area out-allowing the area to breath will facilitate improvement. I am assuming he is otherwise healthy without fever, etc... Read more...