My left knee is not recovering (7day), I can't squad fully and hard for me to stand after squatting, around back of knee pain when bending, any advice?

Ask your physician . This depends on the type of surgery, what your activity should be. This is something you need to ask your orthopedic surgeon.
You need eval by- -a fellowship trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon. Without a hands on xam & images there is no way I could give you any other advice.
Consult with a doc. Consulting with a sports medicine/orthopedic doctor could give you a head start to both diagnosis and treatment. Tendonitis and cartilage problems would be at the top of the list as the cause of your symptoms. For now, rest from any aggravating activities and ice the area for 20 minutes 2-4 times/day. If I can help, then consider a consult-