What causes gums to bleed? Everytime I brush my teeth when I spit I need blood. I am struggling to eat as my upper gums sees to be in pain.

Inflammation. Inflammation will cause the bleeding. You should really see a local dentist to be examined to determine what treatment you may need.
Bleeding gums. Usually means infection/inflammation, but sometimes is a sign of systemic disease. How long since your last check-up and professional cleaning? Do you brush 2x/day w soft t'brush for 2 full minutes by the clock? Do you floss or Water-Pik daily? Please make appointment to see your Dentist ASAP.
Bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are almost always a symptom of periodontal (gum) disease. It ranges from mild gingivitis which is easily reversed by a professional cleaning and daily good home care (tooth brushing and flossing) to more severe periodontitis. See your own dentist for an evaluation, treatment and recommendations.