Recently diagnosed wit pcos, anemia, problems wit my bowels. I'm on the pill. What is it doing for me? In th near future when I want kids can i?

Regulating periods. With pcos, birth control pills simply regulate your mestrual cycles giving you normal monthly bleeding. They do not fix pcos longterm. Weight loss helps minimize the efects of pcos on the body. Most with pcos do not ovulate regularly so they may need certain medicationss to help them get pregnant in the future.
Yes, you can. Your doctor has started with ocp to regulate your period. It is an important part for your pcos treatment. At some point, if you want to have a baby, you should stop your pill and ask for your doctor's help. He/she may use ovulation induction drugs, IUI or ivf depends on your condition.
Yes, this will help. The pill will be helpful in regulating your menstrual cycle again. More importantly, it will help reduce your testosterone levels, which are likely elevated. The anemia will also improve, because slowly, your menstrual periods will become lighter and on schedule. If you seek fertility, see your OB and explain to them your new DX of pcos and they will be able to guide you! Good luck! :).