This is an x-ray of my wisdom teeth. It does not hurt at all, but the greedy dentists want me to remove it. Why should I do a dangerous procedure until it hurts? Can I just wait until it hurts - if it ever hurts?

Of course. Of course you can wait. No one can force you to do something you don't want to do. Unfortunately we can't see any x-ray & we can't know the motives of the dentist. I wonder why you think the dentist is "greedy"? Merely because you think the procedure is unwarranted? You have to decide on whether it is in your best interests to wait or not. My experience tells me it is most often the wrong move!
Find out why. I can’t see the X-ray but There are several reasons to remove wisdom teeth. Before calling your dentist greedy, find out their reason for wanting to remove it. There are several. 1) could be impacted and pushing on molar in front of it which can affect that tooth, both gum and root wise, 2) if not impacted and coming out, usually difficult to clean because food gets trapped under the gum.
Preventive medicine . If the X-Ray shows that your wisdom tooth is in a poor position - upside down, backwards, sideway, leaning on neighboring tooth, not enough room, etc. - then it can cause major damage and/or infection should it try to come in. While you can wait for that to happen before you get it out, the procedure is much more difficult and the healing process is a lot longer. If unsure get a second opinion. .
Wisdom Teeth. Without seeing your film or an exam, reasons could include periodontal issues, decay, a cyst, or food impaction. Your dentist should be able to explain why. Sometimes treatment is performed prophylactically in an attempt to avoid other problems. Lack of pain does not mean no care needed. Many ailments inc cancer, hbp, and diabetes have no pain, but you would not want to wait to treat them.
See below. There is no x-ray attached. If you do not feel comfortable with the advise of your dentist or oral surgeon, seek a second opinion. Dental schools will be able to have multiple dentists that can evaluate your situation. If inadequate room, third molars are generally extracted.
Do not. see any XR and cannot tell if your dentist is greedy. It is common among Dentist to recommend removal of wisdom as they consider difficult to clean. Suggest a second opinion or post your XR. Without any symptoms you may have time to seek a second opinion.
Yes . You can. It’s your body. I can’t see your X-ray so I don’t know the condition of your wisdom tooth.
Usually dentists like to get wisdom teeth out early before they become infected and painful and occasionally life threatening. My suggestion: keep an eye on it and have it out at the FIRST sign of trouble.
Greedy? In dentistry as in life, waiting for an issue to become a crisis is usually not an intelligent choice. If you can understand the risks costs and benefits, the choice is yours. If you don't understand, ask questions until you do but presuming greed on the part of the dentist isn't helpful for you to get the broadest scope of options.
2nd opinion. My own personal experience tells me that an impacted wisdom tooth needs be removed. However if you have doubts, consult another dentist but I suspect that the first one might have been right.
Wisdom tooth. Cannot see x-ray. In general, however, there's a 1 in 7 chance that if a wisdom tooth is impacted there will be damage to adjacent tooth, bone, soft tissues. Often the damage is painless and can be quite extensive. Take the x-ray to a wisdom tooth specialist, an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, for second opinion. If Dentist feels there is probability of damage he's being prudent, not greedy.