I need to take 4 teeth out to straighten my other teeth. When extracting, is local safer than general anesthesia? I'm really scared to extract any.

Ask Q's of DDS & MD. A good local is usually safer but but a bad local is often less safe. Fear increases pain and pain can kill so being asleep can be safer. Local and sedation is often the best. Sometimes general is safest. If medical conditions exist there should be someone trained in anesthesia to watch you beside the person doing the procedure cannot watch you and do the procedure as well.
Local is safer. In general local anesthesia is safer than general anesthesia. If I have a patient with complex medical issues that may complicate general anesthesia, i will do the surgery with local anesthesia. However you should discuss all the options with your dentist prior to your procedure.
Yes. Less is always better. That said if you are healthy the risk if ga is very low.
Local. Local is much safer than general anesthethia. Best that you get a second opinion regarding the need for the extractions in the first place. Many times extractions may be easier but not better.
Local. Local anesthesia is adequet enough almost for all extractions. Most probably you need to extract 4 premolars (that's usually the case for ortho) they are not typically hard extractions. Don't be afraid find a good dentist and trust her or him.
Talk to Dentist. Most teeth extractions can be done under local anesthesia with a cooperative patient. If there are especially impacted teeth then some sedation might be indicated. I don't even remember the procedure after a little dose of valium. If you have concerns please contact your dentist and discuss these fears with him. Good luck.
Depends. It depends on your medical history, and where you are having the surgery. Properly administered, general anesthesia is very safe in healthy patients. Your oral surgeon needs to have the appropriate monitoring equipment, and a separate person to monitor and administer the anesthetic. Local is also safe, and in some sicker patients may be preferred.