Is CT scan with contrast of abdomen and pelvis a reliable test for detecting pancreatic cancer?

Yes. An abdominal ct scan with IV contrast is usually the best first imaging test in looking for pancreatic cancer.
Maybe. Ct scan can show pancreatic mass or abnormality if the problem or growth is large enough to be seen. Sometimes a ct scan will not see a pancreatic growth until it is large. Your gastroenterologist can determine the best testing for you.

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Likelyhood of pancreatic cancer in 34yr male with urq disc. Occ. Floating stool? Normal CT scan of abd/pelvis, u.S, blood, enzyme, stool tests normal.

Floaters are fine. The usual reason for a bowel movement floating is extra trapped gas; this varies with diet, gum-chewing, roughage, how much you talked & swallowed your saliva. When due to fat malabsorption (a much less common explanation) the person is clearly sick; if due to pancreatic cancer you'd be jaundiced. Any further concerns are best discussed with your physician. Read more...

Epigastric pain, back and upper right quad pain for 6 weeks. Pancreas ct scan with contrast normal. Worried about pancreatic cancer. Ct reassuring?

YES. the CT is reassuring however a lesion in your upper GI tract (esophagus/stomach) should be ruled out as well! Ask the Health Care Provider who ordered your CT scan...he/she probably can "take a look"(endoscopy) Hope this helps/good luck/be well Dr Z. Read more...

Does it stand to reason that floating stool in the absence of fat malabsorption (normal CT scan and 72hr fat test isn't be caused by pancreatic cancer?

Floaters. 99% of floating stools are caused by trapped gas . This is the truth in spite of what you might pick up from 'pop' accounts. It happens to me if i chew gum. Congratulations on not using tobacco. Keep an eye on the stomach issues -- and if the pain changes, consider a check once again. And if you have malabsorption or maldigestion, it's much less subtle than just a floating stool. Read more...