Should I take statin if alt is raised (60iu) for 5 years? My LDL is 209, total 278. all other LFT are ok. HbA1c 5.5. Creatinine 1.14. Fatty liver Gr.1

Diet change. It is possible to not need drugs in some patients with high cholesterol. See "diet" at: More info at [email protected] .
Yes. Many people with elevated cholesterol will require a statin in addition to diet. Moreover statins do have cardio protective effect beyond reduction of cholesterol.
Statin drugs. Recommendations about who should take statin drugs are based on a very large amount of clinical data and represent evidence-based scientific medicine. Whether to take a statin depends on lots of factors (more than can fit in these little text boxes!) For personalized advice, consult your doctor or a specialist on HealthTap. .
Fatty liver. Your LDL is rather high, diet and exercise will help, but will take time, statins can help in the beginning to accelerate the process, still see your doctor for evaluation, Rx, advice and follow up, good luck.