I'm having a severe anxiety attack because I'm having on and off pain in my left testicle and I keep thinking I have testicular torsion. I spoke to a doctor on here using the live chat thing but all he said was see a urologist, nothing else.

Testicular pain. A testicular torsion is where the blood supply is cut off from them being twisted closed. This is considered urological emergency. This can be intermittent as other doctors have told you. You must not assume that if this is a torsion that it will always untwist.. As the pain can be other than torsion, it it's best to go to an urgent care T this time for examination. If torsion not a difficult fix.
Its true. If there is torsion or another anatomical cause, can't be diagnosed by live chat. Will have to see a physician in person for an examination. Health Tap is great, but there are limits.
Go to the emergency. You're correct that in your age bracket with testicular pain need to consider and rapidly exclude torsion. (could be intermittent torsion could also be infection or hernia). At the minimum this needs a very rapid examination by a doctor in person. If unclear may at that point need scans or urology. Please see someone urgently. Will hopefully sort your anxiety by sorting the problem.
I am afraid. that a doctor can't do a testicular exam if the evaluation is on-line. If I were worried about the heatlh and longevity of my testicle - you better bet I would get an in-person eval done. Take care.