Even when im at my warm home, my feet and hands are colder than normal. When I lay down in my bed to sleep they need 30min to warm up. What shal I do?

What's - appearance. What do they look like? Do they change color? Sometimes this can be a clue to the cause. Do you takes any medications? Do you have any medical conditions? These can influence how your extremities feels. Staying centrally warm can help your hands an feet stay warm, wearing a nightcap, socks help.This may be a circulation problem. Sometimes a neurological condition can cause these symptoms.
May be normal. Acral parts of the body, i.e., those further away from the heart, are normally more susceptible to being cold and your experience may be entirely normal. Peripheral vascular disease may aggravate the process but that usually affects feet more than hands. Regular exercise may improve circulation and alleviate the symptoms. Putting hot water bottle or bottles to warm up the bed may help.