What treatment can I use to stop hair loss while breastfeeding?

Hairloss postbaby. Losing hair after the birth of a baby is normal. During pregnancy hair spends a longer time in the growth phase of the hair cycle. Your hair may appear to get thicker during the pregnancy because you aren't losing as much as normal. After, it returns to the normal cycle so it seems like all of your hair is falling out. This happens even if not nursing. Give it time and all will be normal again.
Patience. Your hair is always in one of three phases - growing, resting, or falling out. Many hairs can become synchronized when there is a big change in hormones, such as becoming pregnant, delivery, and/or breastfeeding. If your hair is synchronized to the telogen phase, you wil notice an increased hair loss. Be patient, your hair will stop falling out eventually. You are normal and you won't go bald.

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I'm breastfeeding for 17mnths now, , suffering hair loss that increased this mnth. I find hair on my pillows. Plz advice?

Hair loss. Hair loss is a post partum symptom, not one of breastfeeding. It is a temporary situation and will reverse. Usually though, it does reverse in 12 months after birth. If your symptoms persist, you should be evaluated for hypothyroidism or iron deficiency anemia. Consult your doctor. Read more...