My blood pressure not going down why doc.

Blood pressure. There are various reasons. Firstly if you are on medication, are you taking it regularly and as directed? If yes then the dosage of the medication may need to be increased or other medication added. Usually 2 to 3 months is enough to get the full effect of the treatment. If you are not on any treatment and non medical methods are not working, then you may need to start medication.
Hypertension . Need more information.
What is your blood pressure?
What have u taken to reduce BP thus far?
Not enough info. Are you hypertensive? Is your blood pressure currently high? Are you on a medication or some other form of treatment to lower your blood pressure? Please resubmit with clarifying information.

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My blood pressure is around 140-150/90 this week. I'm 34. I'm afraid of going to see doc, but if I have to take any medicine, is it just temporary?

Depends. You definitely need to see a doctor to be sure this is primary hypertension and not due to something else and you need to get it down before it does damage. You may be able to do this with lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, weight loss, and salt restriction or you may need meds but you do not want to damage your heart or increase your risk of stroke. Live long and prosper ! Read more...

Help docs? Why is my blood pressure high when I wake up?

Can be normal or... BP is often highest when you wake up. If over 150, this is abnormal, and can signal "secondary causes of hypertension, ". Read more...

Hello docs. I was wondering can Valium lower blood pressure?

Yes. Since stress can raise blood pressure, a tranquilizer like valium (diazepam) can lower subjective stress and thereby lower blood pressure. Higher doses of valium can also lower blood pressure as a direct pharmaceutical effect. Read more...

Could use your help docs! My dia blood pressure is too high. Why?

BP. Check this out: http://www.Heart.Org/heartorg/conditions/highbloodpressure/abouthighbloodpressure/understanding-blood-pressure-readings_ucm_301764_article.Jsp?Gclid=cnxenegsu70cfunhfgodjzwa5g.