Albumin 2.79g/dl, globulin 4.38 g/dl, a/g ratio is 0.64 g/dl. Rest of the liver function bllod test within range. Have hep c n cirohsis. Advice?

Hepatologist. Your test results show lack of acute inflammation in the liver, but the presence of hepatitis c that has already caused cirrhosis and decreased liver function means your management and possible treatments should be managed by an expert - a hepatologist or infectious disease specialist.
Check with your doc. Your Albumin level is too low and correlates with mortality. Check with your liver specialist.
Expected, in liver d. As sybthetic function of liver is to produce Albumin , and because you have cirrhosis , this reversed ag ratio will be there. Eating high protein, low sat diet will help to reduce the Albumin def. To some extent , but as irreversible damage is done to liver cells in cirrhosis , back to normal Albumin could not be achd. As albumin's life is short lived we give it IV when we do fluid tap from abdomen.