Is it normal to pass a clot if I have a subchorionic hematoma?

Pregnancy bleed. Subchorionic hematomas are small blood collections behind the placenta. It is common in the first trimester of pregnancy. Trapped blood will either reabsorb, find a path way out or simply stay in place. If it can find a pathway out then the patient will see bleeding. Close follow up with your Obgyn is warranted.

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DX subchorionic hematoma 3wks ago @8wks preg. Fetal heart &growth normal. Red bleeding/clotting turned brown. Red blood+clots just returned. Why? Bad?

SCH. SCH (subchorionic hematomas) are very common findings in early pregnancy. The often cause bleeding. Although the rate of miscarriage is higher in most cases things turn out fine. It is a small blood collection behind the placenta. The blood is either reabsorbed or it drains out. Typically a follow up sonogram is done over the next few weeks to confirm. Read more...