Have constant pain in testicles?

About a guy's testes. Testicle pain means a trip to the doctor right away because a testicle's blood supply can be twisted off (called torsion). When that happens, the testicle can die. Other causes of testicle pain include trauma, infection, twisting of an appendix of a testicle (a small lump next to a testicle), etc. Since one usually cannot tell if his testicle is twisted, an exam by a clinic or ER doctor is needed.
See urologist . Need to see urologist to exclude serious causes eg
- torsion
- epididymo orchitis
- testicular tumor
- TB.

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My left testicle is swollen and I always have constant pain in the testicle. I had this for few days now, the pain started after masturbation.

Epididymitis? It sounds like you may have epididymitis, an infection of the testicle. In young men (under 35), this is usually due to gonorrhea or chlamydia, but of course not if you aren't at risk for catching an STD. If pain was sudden onset, maybe testicular torsion, needs immediate care. For sure see a doctor ASAP -- if severe pain or any fever, get seen even on weekend, urgent care or ER if necessary. Read more...

I have a constant pain in my right testicle, co codamol are not working?

See urologist. I would see my pcp or a urologist soon. There are many possible causes, several of which require medical attention. Read more...

What to do about constant pain in both testicles?

You must r/o... Epididymitis! while more frequently on one side, more so the left, it is a major consideration. There are also a condition called "orchitis" which is testicualr inflammation. Can be infectious or autimmune. See your urologist! Read more...

I have a very sharp constant pain on my left testicle what could be the cause of the pain?

Get evaluated. There are many causes of testicular pain and you should see a physician for a history, physical examination, and then possibly a scrotal ultrasound. The most worrisome is torsion, when the blood supply to the testicle is twisted closed. Infections can result in epididymitis or orchitis. Others causes are more benign, such as hydroceles & spermatoceles. A full workup will help determine the cause. Read more...