How can anxiety make you feel faint/lightheaded all day? Not panicky, breathing wrong. All other tests clear.

That can happen. One's primary care doctor can evaluate first. High anxiety can lead to lightheadedness and fainting. So, as long as one's doctor feels the cause of one's symptoms are not another serious disorder other than high anxiety, then one can get treatment for his high anxiety to decrease his problems of lightheadedness and fainting.

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How can anxiety make you feel faint/lightheaded even if you're not panicky or breathing wrong? All other tests come back normal.

Breathing. Is complicated sometimes... It is possible to hyperventilate without realizing it. Just taking a few deep breaths a minute is enough to hyperventilate. The classic rapid huffing and puffing hyperventilation is rare. Try breathing "from your diaphragm" when you're feeling anxious or light-headed, or grab a paper bag and breathe into that for five minutes. The dizziness is often improved. Read more...