How to stop grey hairs?

Hair health. First thing to know is that genetics plays the biggest role. To reduce risks of early graying & hair loss: 1. Don't Smoke. 2. Correct Zinc or Vit B deficiencies. Vegans are at risk for Vit n B12 deficiencies. 3. Ensure that your thyroid is healthy. 4. Diets> Eggs are rich in biotin. Dark greens are high in Vit A & C. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in many fish. Lean red meats are high in >
No easy answers but. The rate we turn grey is related to our genetics, but a healthy diet/lifestyle and good multivitamin rich in antioxidants may slow the process. Copper deficiency can cause this so copper will help IF you are deficient- see and
Something else with trying is the Chinese herb He Shou Wu (aka Fo-Ti) which helps many:

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How to stop grey hairs I heard of pill getawaygrey? Can it be of great help I m just 23 and stop coloring my hairs from more then an year

No way to stop grey . Unfortunately there is no way to stop getting grey hairs. The amount you get and the age at which you get them is probably hereditary. Read more...
Does not. This does not work. You can only use dye and other topical products to prevent grey hair. Read more...

How to stop my hair from greying? I'm just 18 and already my hair are starting to turn grey....Wat steps shud I take?

Nobody knows. Nobody knows how to stop hair from greying. Early greying may be hereditary, so a guy would have brothers, uncles, or a father with early greying. A doctor can evaluate to make sure there is no medical problem stressing the body. Then, hair coloring is the likely option, until a person gets old enough to not feel out of place wearing a head of grey. Read more...